I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Jackie Takahashi

Magrath, AB on November 17, 1942

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: Magrath Alberta,
: Nov. 17, 1942
: Dear Joan,
: It’s been a couple of weeks since I received your letter so I thought I better write while I got the time.
: How’s the weather out there. Near the end of October and the beginning of Nov it started to get cold and began freezing. We had about 3 snow falls in the beginning of Nov. We had about 4 to five inches of ice (enough to skate on anyways). All of a sudden the weather changed. It began to get warm again for a week or so. Now it changed again this Sunday night. We had snow Sunday night and yesterday which amounted to about 12 to 14” of snow in different places. Today it seems to be clearing up again but no body knows what will happen
: I’ve been out working for a couple of weeks now after we had finished our beets for my school days our [sic] over for this term or for ever. Before I stopped school for topping I didn’t know whether I should go to school or go out to work but now they say that we have to pay $5.50 a month to go to school so I stopped going and I didn’t go after we finished topped [sic]. Instead of school now I have to work. I bought a few books so I can still keep on studying at home in spare time. I’ve been out to other farms topping beets and for the past three days I was out with my brother pitching bundles onto
: wagons and into the thresher but the snow fall stopped us for a while I hope.
: These schools in Alberta won’t let you take some subject if you aren’t the smartest ones. I got B for grade 9. So I was able to take only 2 out of French Physic and Algebra. I dropped Physic and took typing. The typing book is the only book that I know which is the same as your grade 10 books. The Social Studies seems to be the same as out here. I believe most of the subjects are as same as yours but they say that Alberta schooling is ahead of B.C. schooling. I guess I can send you a school newspaper if they have one now. Yosh is still attending school so maybe you can ask him.
: I’m sorry I can’t tell you where Tori or Mitsuo are. I was going to ask you in the last letter but I didn’t.
: No, Joe and John are still in grade six they should be in seven but they won’t put them up. Harry is only in 4 but should be in five. Our boss made a covered wagon so they don't’ have to walk to school.
: This letter is only a big jumble but I hope you can read it. I’m signing off here so Good-bye till the next letter.
: Jack Takahashi
: P.S. Tell Don and the others to write because I don’t know there [sic] address