I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Jackie Takahashi

Magrath, AB on June 10, 1942

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: Magrath Alberta,
: June 10, 1942
: Dear Joan;
: You aren't mad at me for not answering your letter right away are you? I was sort of lazy to write right away and I just about forgot to answer your letter. I just finished super and I remembered I still had to answer your letter.
: Boy it felt good to come in the house after being working in the sugar beets when the wind was blowing like the heck. It sure was windy. It made tear [sic] come out of my eye and water out of my nose. We started beet thinning last Tuesday, June 2nd. We worked about 1/2 day on the 2nd, 1/2 day on the 3rd. The other half day it rained. That Wednesday it changed from sunshine to rain while we ate our dinner. For the rest of the week we stay at home. Sunday night we had a thunder storm.
: Around Raymond they had hail and rain but we were lucky for we were on the outskirts of the rain and it only sprinkled around here.
: Monday we started work again and have worked every day till today so far. We finished over 6 acres that is thinning the beets.
: Thinning isn’t so hard as I thought. All we have to do is to cut out the beets with a how so to leave a beet a hoe length apart. You are supposed to leave only one beet and not two at once place for it won't grow as big. The sugar beet plant is all the same as a ordinary red beet but the leaves aren't red but are green. It look more like a spinach plant than a beet. The only thing wrong is that the weeds cover the garden for it rained so darn much.
: I got tired last night so I put away the half written letter for I knew I couldn’t mail it till to-day June 11 when our boss comes here to his farm from town.
: This morning my eyes
: opened around 6 o’clock but I heard the sound of the wind and the rain and slept soundly till about quarter past eleven. I waited for dinner and then here I am writing again. Gosh rain again. That mean [sic] no work for a couple of days, more grass, more mud, can't go outside without getting muddy. When it rains it’s as same as being stranded on an island for you can't go outside. We hauled some travel along our house so it won't be as muddy as before that’s one thing. I’d for rather [sic] work or be outside than stay inside out from the rain. This month we had only about 2 days with sunshine. When the sunshines [sic] and when the wind isn't blowing it sure is hot. Sweat just pours down my face last Tuesday. Yesterday we had sunshine most of the day but the wind was blowing like the heck.
: I heard from Yosh that the Blue House had won the Inter House [???]. That sure is something I never thought the Blue House would win even though I was in it. Well I was in the winning house for the track twice. So was Yosh
: Are you still going to school or have you finished yet? Have you past [sic] all your subjects or don't you know yet? I wish I could of [sic] finished grade nine. I don't know if I have to start grade nine over again or not if I start in September yet but if I start school again I'll find out.
: How are the cherries and other fruits I sure miss my strawberries and cherries.
: The strawberries here that is our bosses is just flowering. Their tulips are fresh blooming here. The lilac and all of the flowers are just blooming here. I guess you don't see tulips and lilac at Surrey now? Spring just got here in Alberta.
: You want to know something about our garden? Well it’s more grass than anything else and that’s about all there is anyway.
: That’s all I've got to say so I'll end there.
: (I just moved the page and didn’t look where i was writing)
: Good-bye for a while
: Jackie Takahashi
: P.S. Excuse my paragraphing and everything else

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Takahashi, Jackie. Correspondence from Jackie Takahashi to Joan Gillis. 10 June 1942. RBSC-ARC-1786-01-25. Joan Gillis fonds. University of British Columbia Library Rare Books and Special Collections, Vancouver, Canada.