I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Jackie Takahashi

Magrath, AB on April 25, 1942

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: c/o George C Card
: Magrath, Alta.
: Saturday, April 25, 1942
: Dear Joan;
: On Wednesday we reached our new home after 2 1/2 days 2 nights. We left New Westminster around 9 Mon. All the time along to Kamloops we had our heads poked out of the window looking at the scenery but [once?] there it was night. During the night we stopped at Salmon Arm, Revelstoke. The next morning April 21 Harding [???] and I were up from 3 am walking up and down the train and watching the scenery throw [sic] the pass. There it was so cold that the Kicking Horse River had ice around the banks and streams were frozen. In daylight we reached Frields where we put our time ahead one hour. Later we reached Banff. Along the way between Fields and Banff we saw many elks and a moose. Near noon we reached Calgary where we spent the rest of the afternoon till about 7.
: There we saw the show “Babes on Broadway” and we walked about the town. About 11:00 PM we reached Lethbridge and spend the whole night there. From about 4 AM I roamed around the station the town. About 5 AM Yoshio and I and some girls at breakfast at [Lethbridge]. We started again for Raymond at 8:20AM. We reached Raymond at 11:30.
: Afternoon we took our own baggage off the freight and load [sic] it on trucks to our new home which is 18 miles out of Raymond. Our home is about 2 1/2 mi apart from Yoshio’s home but bout 20 miles apart from most of our friends. I find it quite different over here for it is colder, windy, no trees and the place is so rolly and places level. On Thursday
: April 23 when I awoke I found out that it had snowed about 2 inches. Today the wind is so cold that your hands and face turns red and purple from the cold.
: I bet Surrey is so warm that you could go out with no sweaters and I bet you sweat while we freeze.
: We are all healthy and happy and I wish you are too. I wish you would write for I would like to know how you are getting along and know your and my school pals are getting along.
: This is all I got to say so I wish you will write for me to read at lonely nights.
: Your School Pal
: Jackie Takahashi