I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Albert Ohama

Rainier, AB on November 14, 1942

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: Rainier Alta.
: Nov 14, 1942
: Dear Joan,
: Hello honey, what’s a cookin’? Alright don’t tell me! It’s only me dropin’ [sic] a few liners from out Rainier way, so don’t keel over.
: (About time huh?) I’m really sorry I didn’t write to you sooner -- how many “weeks” or months I should say -- am I behind time? How can I make up for it, Joan? Please tell me. Anyway, please for give me, won’t you? Please!!
: Gosh! And all the swell letters and pictures -- gee, do I feel terrible! I should have thanked you ages ago! Gulp! And your Q.E. Vue arrived sometime ago too. Thanks, thanks, and a million more thanks, Joan! The pictures were really great. We all enjoyed them very much. And the old school paper -- boy it was good to read about old names again.
: Say, you’re sure doin’ swell at school, aren’tcha? Your name’s on most every page. You adn the kids are sure making things buzz at the school aren’tcha? I guess you like school better’n ever now huh? Well,
: whatcha say, Joan. Oh, how was the mixer? Gee, I bet you had fun. I bet you danced every dance. Ahem, who didya dance with the mostest, Joan? Oh, for the “love of Pete,” Joan, you dont’ have to answer if you don’t wanna (ahem). I bet you did have lots of fun, huh? I sure wish I could have been there -- you’d really be tired after the dance.
: I see by the paper you still have house games. Boy, they were lots of fun. How about clubs? Still have ‘em?
: Say, how are you? Taking good care of yourself? Swell! Have you been skating yet? I don’t suppose there’s ice yet other than the [???] ?
: Well, out here in Rainier, life’s getting duller and duller. We’ve finished work now, at last. We finished up thrashing about 4 days ago -- right now we’re recuperating so that we can now have some fun. I went to Calgary the other day -- I didn’t
: have much fun ‘cause I went by myself. I saw “Bambi” and “Iceland” at the shows. They weren’t too bad. By the way, the theatres were terrible compared to those of Van. The first time I went to Calgary I seen “Mrs. Miniver” and “Fantasia.” I was so lucky because they were the best pictures I wanted to see. It sure was lonely in town. I didn’t do much but I did listen to the juke-boxes. Didya ever hear Bing sing “White Christmas”? (sigh). Now I’m being silly, ain’t I?
: Well we had a cold spell about three weeks back and we were able to skate for a few days, but now we are having very warm weather -- really.
: For the last several days a chinook wind has been blowin’! And it sure melted that ice in a day. We never had chinooks in B.C. but they come quite often out here. It’s a warm south wind comin’ from Montana-way. I bet you think we’re shiverin’ in our skins now huh? This weather sure surprised me. By the way we had
: And Indian summer here this year, too. I’m already for the winter weather though. Hope to get lots of skating and skiing this winter. That’s what I say now but I becha I’ll be sitting around the stove in the house as soon as it drops below zero. Our neihbors say it gets as gold as 60 below. Hope I don’t see any of that kind of weather.
: Well it’s getting late and I’m wandering around in circles so I had better close. Say hello to your folks and Donnie for me.
: G’bye now
: Love Al
: Ps. Hope to get this off from Calgary. I’ll be skiing. Your Al.

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Ohama, Albert. Correspondence from Tad Nagamori to Joan Gillis. 14 November 1942. RBSC-ARC-1786-01-37. Joan Gillis fonds. University of British Columbia Library Rare Books and Special Collections, Vancouver, Canada.