I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Yoshio Nakamura

Magrath, AB on June 26, 1944

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: Box 173, Magrath, Alta.
: June, 26, 1944.
: Dear Joan;
: I do not know how to thank you for that swell pin. You do not know how I felt when I touched it and looked at for a long time. That pin alone brought back the memories that I have cherished for so long. It reminded me of Q.H.S. and of the students that were in it and are in it now. It brought me back to the time I shook hands with you on that last day at school. Gosh, but I wish I could live those years over again. I feel like a soldier away on a foreign shore fighting in battles, and thinking the peaceful hours spent before the tragic occurance. Thank you an awful lot Joan, for the pin. I won't forget it.
: Yipe! hold it Joan, don't talk about the 21st year yet. I feel pretty much like an old man now. On the 21st day I mean birthday I'm going to have a real nice party, something that I can remember. If we are still here at that time I'll send you some of the original cake.
: I hope you got recommended. Say what am I saying about hoping, I know you did get recommended. How did the Graduation ceremony turn out? Gee, but I bet it was swell. I sort of missed mine didn't I.
: Sports day, ----- that's one thing I really miss. Down here they do not go in for track very much. On the first of July they said there is going to be some sports programs but I do not know the particulars since
: I have not been in town for 24 days. Can you imagine that, I really am a hermit now.
: I'm glad to hear that the Blue house won cause that was the last house I was in.
: I received a letter from Betty the other day too. Her and Margie are teachers now. What are you going to be after grade 12 Joan? Are you going to be a teacher? Are you going to a Secretarial school?
: Betty says that she is going to Manitoba. She'll be able to see Anne for about a month then wouldn't she.
: Gosh, but it's raining cats and dogs. We seem to have rain everyother day. THe other day we had a real humdinger of a cloudburst. I've never seen rain come down in such a torrent in all my life. It sure was a sight.
: I'm beginning to sound like a diary now so I'll close till next time.
: Thanks again for that lovely pin. I like it very much. I will try to show you my appreciation soon. Until then I remain-
: As Ever,

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Nakamura, Yoshio. Correspondence from Yoshio Nakamura to Joan Gillis. 26 July 1944. RBSC-ARC-1786-02-43. Joan Gillis fonds. University of British Columbia Library Rare Books and Special Collections, Vancouver, Canada.