I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Tadashi Nagamori

Lorette, MB on April 11, 1943

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: Lorette Manitoba
: April 11 /43
: Dear Joan:
: Hellow there, Many thanks for the most welcome letter I received quite awhile ago and Gosh!
: Was I glad to see a snapshot of yourself enclosed. Thanks a lot, Believe it or not I’ve got two snapshot of you now
: The other one was taken in your victory garden last year.
: The weather we’re having these days isn’t too bad The snow is practically all gone making things look more like Spring The Seine River has expanded 15 times its
: width because this river hasn’t much of a bank This water has reached within 15 feet of our house. They say last year it was the worst since 1910 on this river The wheat fields are a sight now huge patches of water here and there deep enough to hold a couple on a light dinghy
: Maybe you have heard this In the middle of March we had a blizzard for 3 consecutive days 60 hrs. Behind our house the drift came as high as 9 ft. Yosh says he had a drift 15 ft high behind their
: house
: How’s the good old B.C. like these days more like summer than spring I suppose.
: During the last week of March we have done some skating on the rivers and fields.
: To date we’ve only had few drops of rain which came just recently.
: Last Friday I happened to meet up with Yosh in the bus. For a while there I was puzzled there I couldn’t recognize him right away. He had a glass on which I’ve first-seen him with, and besides he has grown a lot fatter. He and I went in to see a show It was of this
: title “Spring-time in the Rockies” It was a nice show in technicolor.
: I heard from Yosh that you and few other girls an boys are comming [sic] over to see him this summer Is this on the level?
: Since the last time I heard from you I have made over half a dozen toy planes I’ve made this as my hobby from now. I sold few to our boss He says, he never seen anyone make a better toy plan He said there were few that were worth about 3-4 dollars length are only a foot long.
: In the last letter you asked me if I’ve been to Newton Siding I haven’t been there once since we came over I like to tho’ it’s pretty hard to get the permit.
: Any time we hop on a bus we are questions if we got our permit.
: I’m enclosing a snap-shot which was taken almost a year ago I’m sorry but this is the only one I got of myself My height is I am a little shorter than Yosh.
: Always
: Tad
: P.S. I hope you haven’t passed out by my picture

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Nagamori, Tad. Correspondence from Tad Nagamori to Joan Gillis. 11 April 1943. RBSC-ARC-1786-01-67. Joan Gillis fonds. University of British Columbia Library Rare Books and Special Collections, Vancouver, Canada.