I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Tadashi Nagamori

Headingly, MB on October 04, 1942

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: P.O. Box 23
: Headingly Man.
: Oct. 4, /42
: Dear Joan:
: Please forgive me for not writing any sooner. To tell you the truth this is the first chance I got to write after I got home from threshing. I’ll promise you I’ll write sooner the next time. Gee why but come to think of it its almost two month ago I wrote to you isn’t it.
: Well anyway how are you and the rest? All in the best road of health I hope. As for me I’m just swell, beside I’ve gained five pounds since we came out here.
: We’ve had some nice cold weather out here for a while. The first sight of Jack Frost was seen on the 23rd of Aug. After that we had some cold days for about two wks. Once I went for the milk to our neighbors in the evening nearing 7:30 and the thermometer reading 30 degrees. Boy! But was I surprised to see this Gee whiz and the first snow flury [sic] came
: down on the 23rd of Sept. It snowed a little for 3 days in succession. On the last day we had a blizzard for just five minute. It just came and went like a lightning. I was sure surprised how the cold weather comes around here, but now the hot weather seem to have came back again. I guess this is what they call Indian summer. How’s the weather back there I suppose you haven’t met up with Jack frost yet have you?
: We have just started on our beet harvest about a week ago. Boy I found this job really miserable specially when your shaking the dirt off. The only thing the owner does at harvest is come along with a tractor and loosen the beet out of the heavy gumbo soil. Then we go up 2 rows a piece throwing 8 rows of beets into one row shaking the dirt off at the same time. Then we go back up the row topping it this time soon as we make a pile of beets we throw the leaves over it in
: case it freezes before them come to collect. To topp [sic] this sugar beet we use a heavy knife with a curved hoot at the end to pick it up. This we could only do about 1/2 acre a day or less. To every ton of beets topped we get $1.25 to 8 tons of beet topped and to anything over 8 tons an acre we get 1.00 per ton.
: I suppose you’ve heard or read about the mon eclipse on the 25th of Aug. Boy! That was really clearly seen. The sky was clear and besides the moon was in full then.
: Talking about radio. About a week ago my brother bought a brand new portable radio. It can be brought to any place and we played. We’re using battery now. Its made for both battery and electric.
: At least I’ve got one picture of myself thats not too bad. I had it taken on a Millionar’s Farm while I was threshing there. I’m gonna get coupla reprints of this one so in the next correspondence you can expect it. So please try and
: get one of yourself for me will you
: By the way Joan I’d like to read some of your wonderful poems can you write one just for me? I’ll be waiting for it.
: By the way you haven’t heard about Oki’s dad have you? He passed away on the 28 of Aug. Gosh that sure was a shock to all of us here.
: Well I guess this is all I can write this time so I’ll close here. Bye for now.
: As Ever
: Tad
: Here is a drawing I have done this afternoon. It took me an hour and a half to draw and paint this. This ain’t nothing wonderful but since I drew it I thought I might as well send it to you.
: P.S. please write soon I’ll be waiting

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Nagamori, Tad. Correspondence from Tad Nagamori to Joan Gillis. 4 October 1942. RBSC-ARC-1786-01-64. Joan Gillis fonds. University of British Columbia Library Rare Books and Special Collections, Vancouver, Canada.