I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Sumi Mototsune

Raymond, AB on January 21, 1946

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: Box 167,
: Raymond,
: Alberta.
: January 21/45.
: Dearest Joan;
: Oh, I’m sorry, Joan. I’m so sorry, I never wrote sooner. I haven’t any excuse whatsoever.
: Thank you, thank you very very much for the school pin and the pretty socks. Honestly, I was always praying for a Q. E. pin but I never dreamt of getting one. It was a gift from heaven, I’m sure. You should see me now, I wear the pin all the time — to school, at home or to anywhere else. I thank you again, Joan. And oh! thanks a million for the pretty socks. It fits me well. How did you guess my size? (I wear 9 ½.) Honestly, you shouldn’t have sent me
: such a gift. I don’t deserve it and it makes me ashamed of myself for receiving it.
: This may be a trifle late but, I’m glad you had a good Christmas and I hope you had a happy New Year’s too. We enjoyed our Christmas and New Year’s, thank you. We also had a marvelous Xmas dinner with an eighteen pound [sic] turkey. (It was a pound less than yours.) On that night we went to see — “Sensation of 1945.” I didn’t like it much [sic] as I did, “Bathing Beauty.” Have you seen this picture? I thought the picture was pretty but the story wasn’t too hot. On the 27th, we were invited to a dinner party and imagine, we came home at 3:30 A.M. I slept in ‘til 11:00 of the
: following morning. It was lots of fun and I hoped you were there with us too. It would have been merrier, since its [sic] always gay & merry with you around.
: Anyways, we had snow even though we had no Christmas tree. Oh! how we long for a Christmas tree that we had back there.
: We haven’t had much cold weather but we’re having plenty of snow, – more than last year. The coldest day we had this winter, so far, was 12 below. It’s not cold at all.
: How are you passing your time? Do you like school? Oh, I dread school now. I used to like it before but I don’t know what’s happening to me now. I guess it’s because of the school and well, you’re not here with me or I with you. Another year of school for me and I’ll get my 100 credits
: and a senior matric. I suppose you’ll be through this year. I’m very jealous, you know!!! I take four government exams this June – Soc. St., Eng., Chem., and French. I’m also taking Law, Psychology and Algebra. I love Chemistry and Algebra. I used to like Fr. I + II but I don’t now, since we have a different teacher. She’s Mrs. [ill.] Ridell from the east, of all places! Worse than that, she’s a real French-woman. We have to pronounce every word exact to suit her, and if we don’t, she docks some marks off the average. She takes up so much time on unnecessary work that we don’t seem to be travelling very fast; we get a government exam in it too!
: How is school back there? Please write all about the dear Q.E.
: Basketball & skating are the
: only sports now. I wish you were here. The ice is nice and the rink is free – no admission and no limited time. I’ve been to 2 basketball games this winter, & Raymond won both times. Oh, say, did you know that Sonny Ohama comes to our high school now? He’s on the basketball team too. I guess he can’t quit playing ball. I stayed for the dance after the game and danced ‘til 11:30. Usually, the game ends around 10:00 P.M. and the dance is open until midnight. It was lots of fun although I can’t dance very well as some kids.
: If you were here, I’d take lessons from you but since you’re not, it’s quite impossible, isn’t it? I’m telling you again; I hope you were here with me
: and share the fun together.
: Last Wednesday night, I went with Teruko Ikeda to see “White Cliffs of Dover.” Honestly, I thought this picture was perfect. I’d see it if I were you; or have you seen it too? “Jane Eyre” was also good. I read this story in Gr. XI and I vowed I’d see the show when it arrived. Well, I didn’t break my vow.
: Believe it or not, our hens are beginning to lay eggs. We get 2 a day. There are left only 20 hens and one rooster. We ate all the rest. For a while, I was fed up with chicken but mother forced me in eating it so I had to eat it even though I didn’t appreciate it much.
: A miracle has happened to Raymond. The Raymond town bought a regular city bus for a school van. It
: hasn’t started running yet. I heard that it was waiting for the licence, though I’m not sure. I’m glad the new bus is going to run soon. Then we won’t have to crowd or stand in a 45 degree angle. The size of our van right not is about 3/4 the size of your van (the orange one) and 12 kids ride on it, so you can imagine how crowded it is.
: Mother is always praising you. She says that if she were able to write, she’d write and express all the feelings she has for you. Honestly, she loves you. (ditto, here.) Remember the picture you gave me in Grade VIII for Christmas? (You are sitting on in your lawn with a book in your lap and you are wearing that pretty blue dress.) That picture is in our photo album and I’m sure it’ll always be there. The other pictures you sent of cadets and of dear
: Joan in her overalls is are in the Album too. I love pictures and I could look at them all everyday without getting a bit fed up. That’s how much I like them.
: I guess this is all for now. Really, you must overlook my numerous errors; they’re horrible! I ought to check and write over again, but I haven’t the time so please try and make out what I’m trying to say. I hope you will be able to read this scrawl. It’s horrible!!! isn’t it???
: Give my regards to all and I hope you are all in the best of health. Meanwhile, I’ll be looking forward for your reply.
: Your pal as ever,
: Sumi Mototsune.
: P.S. I bet your brother is cute! I love him because I know he must have taken after you S.M.