I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Sumi Mototsune

Raymond, AB on June 4, 1945

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: Box 167,
: Raymond, Alta.
: June 4, 1945.
: Dearest Joan;
: I’m so ashamed of myself, I don’t know how to start this letter. Let me see …. When was it when I last wrote to you? It’s been so long I haven’t the faintest recollection. Well, anyways, I hope you will forgive me, Joan. I was so busy ???????? etc.
: Dear me, we started thinning our beets this morning and the rain ruined our first day.
: Here we are at home, 10:45 A.M., and I decided to write and tell you I am safe and sound. Hope you and the rest are all well. I didn’t know that we were out of ink, so please excuse the pencil. Don’t mind my scrawl as I am in a hurry, for
: we’ll be going out this afternoon again.
: Do you know, I’m writing five government exams this year? I’m so thrilled — only I hope I don’t flunk any of them. I’ll be writing three of teacher’s exams before June 27th. I hope I could go back for a week’s review. When do you get your exams? When will you be out of school? I write my last exam on July 6th. [Ill.] that horrible? It’ll be so hot then, that I don’t think I could think.
: How did you celebrate V E Day? On Monday we had a holiday from the afternoon and on that night we had a thanksgiving service from 8:30 P.M. and after the service we had a bonfire (rotten railroad ties and salvaged rubbers) and after the bonfire we had a free dance at the Opera House. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, we burned Hitler (dummy)
: in the bonfire. It was awfully cold that night but the bonfire certainly warmed us up. A huge crowd had gathered that night. Aren’t you glad war’s half over at least?
: We have two of the cutest whitest kittens. Honestly, I don’t mean to boast, but I really think they’re cute.
: I believe your brother’s cute too, if he took after you. I wish I could see him. How old is he now? Here’s a small boy at the place where Kay was working. He’s only five but he’s quite clever. I think he’s sort of cute too.
: I ran out of writing material so I guess I had better close for now. Please write soon. I’ll be waiting for your reply. Send me love to all and especially “to Little Kenny” —
: With loads of love
: from Sumi.