I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Sumi Mototsune

Raymond, AB on August 16, 1944

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: Box 167,
: Raymond,
: Alberta.
: Aug. 16/44
: My dear Joan,
: Since I haven’t heard from you for a long time, I thought I had better write to you and see what’s the matter. I hope you are not seriously sick or ill. If you are, I wouldn’t know what to do; but I am just hoping that you are well and having such a fine time that you can’t be bothered writing letters. I hope that my guess is right.
: Today, I put up six quarts of table-beets. Yes, I really did all the work by myself. Imagine!! But I wouldn’t
: be a bit surprised if they spoil within a month or so. In fact, I’ll be surprised if they don’t. All in all, I’ve put up 12 qt. of green beans, 12 qt. of table-beets, 4 ½ jars of plum jam, 1 ½ jars of blueberry jam and 1 ½ [jars?] of raspberry jam. We’ll be putting up fruits later and probably some more jam if we have any sugar left. This is the first time we have ever put up any vegetables or fruits or jam. We are sort of climbing up to it. I suppose you have put up some vegetables already and probably some fruits.
: Our garden isn’t too bad providing that this year is rather hot and dry. We
: irrigated it 3 times already. How is your garden? Our sugar-beets at first seemed burned up and almost hopeless, but since we irrigated them, they grew all of a sudden. We
: The other day I went to see Roy Rogers in “King of the Cowboys.” Did you see that picture-show? I thought it was a good picture. I hardly go to shows unless they are cowboy or mystery pictures. I can’t resist cowboy shows; I don’t like comical pictures much. Do you?
: Well, I guess I had better close for now. Please excuse my scribbling and please overlook my errors. I am very poor in writing
: letters. I guess you know that by now. Here’s hoping you are in the best of health and best regards to you all.
: Your friend forever;
: Sumi Mototsune
: P.S. Please write soon and tell me if anything is the matter with you. I’m worried. S.M.