I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Sumi Mototsune

Raymond, AB on July 6, 1944

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: Box 167,
: Raymond,
: Alberta.
: July 6, 1944.
: Dearest Joan,
: I was very glad to hear from you again, Joan. I think it is time that I write to you now.
: How are you and everybody in your family? And how is your brother coming along? I bet he’s cute; I [sic] like to see him. Send a picture of him of you have any, will you please?
: Well, I finished writing all my exams today. Hip! Hip! Hurrah!!! We started writing ours from Monday. When did you write your exams? (that is, if you had to write any.)
: I hardly knew a thing, since I was out for beets and missed all the important preludes to the examination. I hate to hear my marks, which will be sent probably next month. Well, school is over for another term and am I ever glad! Aren’t you?
: We moved, did you know? Oh yes, I forgot that I wrote to you about it in the last letter.
: Our French exam was exactly one and three-quarters hours [sic] long and even at that, we had to rush. There were two very long passeges [sic] to translate from French into English. One of them we took it up in authors and the other one was the one we had never seen before. It was a joke and it was quite
: funny. We also had ten verbs in the principal parts to translate from Eng. into French. Last but not least, we had 15 long long sentences to write. I mean from Eng. into French. On the whole, the exam wasn’t bad. She gave us a harder test in French many times before. Our French teacher is Mrs. Shortliffe. She’s still very young and she is loads of fun, especially in French class, because there are only twelve in the class. She’s quite different in our English class. There’s always some foolish smart alecs who cracks jokes and which makes her mad. Talk about her temper, whew!! And she hasn’t red hair either!
: Our Chemistry exam wasn’t bad either, but our Eng. test was. I guess it’s because
: I never even looked at my notes or verses or essays and proses. I am quite certain I flunked in Eng.
: Oh, Joan, but you don’t know how lucky you are to have a formal gown. I wish I was in your boots[.] If ever your gown gets too short for you, send it over. I’ll be glad to have it, and how! How did the banquet come out? Did you have a good time? I certainly hope you did. Goodness, I don’t even know how to dance.
: Did you know what? We have sixty baby chicks, but they are grew quite a bit now. We have 4 mother hens and no roosters, but I think half of the chicks are roosters. My! but hase [sic] some got long legs and necks. The chicks are in their ugliest stage right
: now. We also have two kittens, but they don’t bother the chicks because mother hen pecked at them once; and now they wouldn’t even go near the chickens.
: The radio is now playing “The Campbells are Coming.” I like that song, don’t you?
: Gee, you know, Joan, I missed a good chance of going to Waterton Park this year. You remember the Roddick family, don’t you? – (The family where I stayed as a school girl last winter.) Well, they came over and asked me if I wanted to go with them to Waterton Park for a week from July 1st to July 8th. Boy! I certainly wished to go, but heck! I had to write exams that
: following week. Was I ever mad!!!! I don’t think I’ll ever have such a good chance like that again.
: We went to the Raymond Stampede again this year. It’s the same thing all over, but you know, one can desire fun when there’s a crowd down town [sic]. The day was just perfect – not hot, and not cold. I had five cones, two hot-dogs and three bottles of orange crush (orange crush was all that they sold.)
: I also took a picture of which I am going to enclose one in this letter. It’s not good, but it’s just me with the same big face and funny nose. It’s about time I sent you one, don’t you
: think? A man from the Lethbridge studio came over to Raymond and established a little room to take pictures. I think he’s going back to Lethbridge this Saturday. He is quick in developing pictures so lot [sic] of people get their pictures taken. Usually, he has them develop-ed the next day.
: This summer is quite hot and dry. The beets are not so good as last year’s, either. But for a change, it rained today for almost two hours! Were we ever glad! Especially Dad! He kept saying to himself, “Ah! rain, rain! Good for the ducks and beets.” Satisfied, Dad went to bed at 8:30 tonight. It is now 10:05 P.M.
: Well, Joan, I am out of news so I guess I had ought to close. I hope I’ll to hear from you soon. Here’s hoping you’re all well and happy,
: Your friend as ever,
: Sumi Mototsune
: P.S. On July 1st I went to see Roy Rogers in “Song of Texas.” This was my first time that I saw Roy Roger’s picture. Being a Dominion Day, there were 2 features. – Song of Texas and the other one which I forgot; but both pictures were swell. S.M.