I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Sumi Mototsune

Raymond, AB on April 7, 1944

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: Box 167,
: Raymond.
: Alberta.
: Ap. 7/44.
: My dear Joan:
: I am so ashamed of myself for not writing to you, that I don’t deserve to have such a good friend as you. Don’ you think that I’m terribly ignorant and stubborn?
: Well, how are you, Joan, and the rest of the family?? I hope that you are all fine as we all are well. How is your little brother coming along? I bet he’s the cutest little baby in this whole world. Aren’t you proud of him? Gee, I can’t wait to see him.
: How are you getting along in school? No doubt, you’re getting along fine as you always doe. We only have our Easter holidays today (Ap. 7) and on Monday. (Ap. 10). Isn’t it a short
: holiday? How long do you get yours? Now’s my chance to get my book reviews written. Imagine, five book-reviews and then “school-books.” (they’re library books, but a list of books are suggested for school-reading; and we have to read 10 off [sic] this list.) I’ve read all my ten books but I haven’t written any book-reviews, yet.
: In French “Author’s” text, we read ten stories out of fifteen. In French “Grammar” text, we’ll be finished with this course by the end of this month, & we’re going to review over [sic]. There is only 12 students in Fr. II class – 9 girls & 3 boys!
: In Typing, I’m on Block 13. I’m taking it over because I didn’t finish to the end in Gr. 9. Instead, we get only 3 credits because we take only 3 periods per week.
: We had a debate against
: Gr. 12 and we lost by one point.
: We finished our Sociology text, so we’re reviewing over again. After we have finished that, we’re going to work in groups on a project. We haven’t decided on the topic, yet. I went to the Kinsmen’s – “Milk for Britain Fund, Victory Revue.” It was held in the opera house, and was there a crowd!! The programme [sic] was good – from 8:30 to 10:30. P.M.
: We’ll be moving very soon but I don’t know when or where. Don’t worry, the address will be same [sic], only we’re not going to work on Maudsley’s farm anymore. It’s too far from school and very inconvenient.
: Kay is still working at Mrs. Kate Card’s. See, Card’s house is certainly pretty, both inside and out. It’s a very modern, streamlined, well-equipped home. All in all, there is are 16 rooms and 2 large hallways. Kay says that the folks are nice.
: I’m still working at the banker’s [sic]. They had a notice to move since last fall, but they haven’t been transferred yet. The girl certainly is getting honory [ornery?]. And is she ever spoiled, being the only child. She’ll be two years old in June. I’m teaching her to point where-ever I say; such as nose, mouth, eye, etc. She might be a spoiled child, but she’s not so dumb. On the whole, she’s quite clever.
: Our school-paper, which was destributed [sic] on Monday, created quite a disturbance. The cover, which had every teacher’s cartoon and nick-names on it, had “APRIL FOOLS” written on it because it was an April issue. That afternoon all the teacher’s bowled Hazel Taylor (the artist) out, not for the cartoons, but for the word “FOOLS.” They didn’t like the letter “S.” on “fools.” The
: whole school got mad at the teachers and the next day the high school went on a strike. (I forgot to mention this, but the principal locked the “Hi-Times” Room on Monday P.M. [sic]) On the bulletin board, somebody pinned up a large paper with the words painted in red paint “DICTATORS – FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.” On Tuesday night, around 10:00 - 10:30 P.M., the kids had a – a real one, with torches and banners declaring the freedom of the “Hi – Times” room. They even stopped the traffic and blockaded the roads. It surely was some “mob mind.” The radio broadcasted about this over the air and it was also written in the papers. Some school, and some kids!!!!! Majority [sic] of the students came back on Wed. but there was [sic] some who still stayed out. The whole town was talking about the “high-school.” The kids were
: so mad at the teachers that they pinned the “Hi-Times” cover all over the town and broke into the school office and pinned the covers all over the walls and the desk [sic]. So you can just imagine what the whole town was talking about for four days. I’ll enclose the Hi-Times cover with this letter. The cartoons are very good, especially Mr. Gloat, who certainly is a gloat. And how!!!!!
: Well, I guess I’ve talked enough about school, so I’ll quit. But I couldn’t let this riot slip by unless I wrote to you about it.
: Write me something about QE. school, what’s happening and so on.
: Some day I’m going to Lethbridge and get my picture taken. I promise to send you one as soon as
: I get it taken. Don’t faint when you see it though.
: Well, today was Good Friday, but it didn’t seem as though it was. I got a new dress for Easter which I’m going to wear on Easter Sunday to the church. It’s gold and brown with dirndl effect skirt and V neckline and short sleeves. I’m also getting a jacket made. It The material is green tweed with brown leather buttons.
: I’ll have to close the letter for this time, as it is getting late. Wasn’t this some trash? I admit that I dread writing letters but enjoy receiving one. So please write as soon as you can. If you put it off as I did, well, I wouldn’t be angry as I deserve
: to be negelected. So I’ll close now with love –
: Your friend as ever,
: Sumi
: P.S. I hope you have a good Easter. S.M.