I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Sumi Mototsune

Raymond, AB on December 28, 1943

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: Box 167,
: Raymond, Alta.
: Dec. 28/43.
: My dearest Joan,
: I am just writing few lines to tell you how glad I was to receive your package. Thanks a million, Joan. Honestly, I never dreamed of receiving such a lovely gift. Thanks ever so much, again, Joan. The package arrived in good condition after all the careful work you put into it.
: After I received your gift, I’m really ashamed of how I sent mine and the content inside it. I m [sic] very sorry, but I was rushing and just got what was at hand, and I didn’t get pretty wrapping paper, nor stickers nor anything. I’m really ashamed of myself and next year I’ll know better what & how to send presents.
: Did you have a good Christmas Day? Did you have a White Xmas? We didn’t, but I hope you did. Honestly, Christmas day [sic] seemed just as if it were an ordinary day and an autumn weather [sic] – no snow.
: As a matter of fact, we didn’t have much snow so far this winter as we did last winter; and it seems as if it is warmer too.
: I came home on the morning of the 25th. On Christmas Eve, those folks (The Roddicks) went out from 8:30 P.M. and came back around 11:30 P.M. with a bunch of friends & they didn’t go home till 3:00 in the morning. I had to stay home and put the baby to bed. She slept well until the bunch came and she was up till they went home. Poor kid, I don’t blame her for staying up so late with the radio going on full blast, piano playing, singing carols and talking so loud. On Christmas morning, I slept in till 8:30 A.M. and they slept in till 9:30 A.M. We had breakfast and I finished dishes around 11:00 A.M. Mr. Roddick helped dry the dishes. This was
: his first time to help me with the dishes and he hopes that it will be his last. I don’t blame him as there was a whole stack from the night before.
: I reached home around 12:30 and we had our Christmas dinner around 6:00 P.M. This year we got two turkeys for Christmas present so we had one for Xmas and the other is to be fore [sic] New Year’s. Honestly, I had the most worst stomach ache I had for ages. I think I ate too much turkey and cranberries. Christmas is dull out here. I wish we had the same Christmas as we did back there. Out here, we don’t have a Christmas tree, nor Church Services nor a picture show. We could have a Christmas tree, but we didn’t bring our tree ornaments with us. Xmas isn’t fun out here, and on radio
: programmes they don’t sing many Christmas carols nor have a [sic] good Christmas stories on the air. It doesn’t seem a bit like a [sic] Christmas.
: The other day, my father won a quilt from a ticket which he bought for 25ȼ. Oh, it’s pretty and nicely finished. (I don’t mean to brag or boast about it). It’s a wine taffeta comforter with a pretty design on it. The drawing took place in the 2nd Ward Morman [sic] Church. I was certainly surprised when his name was drawn, only he wasn’t there, so Kay went and received it.
: Well, I really think I must close now. Thanks again, Joan, for the lovely present and I hope you had a very merry Christmas and hope to have a “Happy and Prosperous New Year.”
: With lots of love,
: Sumi M.