I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Sumi Mototsune

Raymond, AB on January 31, 1943

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: Box 167, Raymond Alta
: January 31/43
: Dearest Joan, —
: Hi – Joan! How are you and all the rest? Well, I hope, as we all are fine in spite of the cold weather we’re having.
: This isn’t going to [sic] such a long letter as I believe I haven’t much to write. I admit I don’t like writing letters but somehow or rather I get it done anyways – thoughs its [sic] nothing compared to yours.
: Thank you ever so much for your beautiful card & hankies. Honestly I’ve never dreamed of receiving such presents. And look at me, I tried to send your present in time, but lazy me, I never do get things done right away. Everybody in the house was just about practically driving me crazy saying – “When are you going to buy Joan’s present? When are you going to send it?” That’s all what I’ve been hearing in the house until last Friday I went to Lethbridge to get a picture taken for registration. (I’ll send you one if its OK.) It’s nothing much & I’m really very sorry its going to be
: awfully late but still wishing you a “Happy Birthday, Joan, and Many Happy returns of the day!” Enclosed is also a Valentine Card. I was just wondering who the “two brides” are? Could it be “Joan & Lionel?” Please tell!!
: Yesterday I went to the skating rink with my sisters for a bit of fun. Really, I don’t think it was much fun. There was one particular guy who kept on pushing me & another girl who was skating with me, & every time he pushed us, well, we’ll fall! You see, Joan, I’ve been on the ice only four times and I’m nowhere an expert. If I was, well, I wouldn’t g let him get away with it. After all, he’s a way better skater than both of us. I figure it would be better if I skated on our own ice pond, but heavens! it’ll take ages to shovel all the snow off. Raymond is the only place where you can go in and skate for free. Other places charges [sic] you so much for so long, so I guess were [sic] quite fortunate.
: We’ve had a very cold [spell] for over a week. The coldest was 50 degrees below.
: Other days were below 30 degrees below and it never went above anymore than 30 degrees below. At noon, it’ll be around 35 degrees below while at night it suddenly drops down to 45 degrees below. Our window glass was covered at least an inch with ice inside & not outside. We could’nt [sic] see anything until the ice melted, and it makes such a mess when it does melt. Nobody sits near the window as it is cold, but all crowds around the poor old stove who’s trying so hard to give off heat in spite of all its efforts. When it gets to be so cold, you can’t feel the coldness but it stings your nose and cheeks.
: We’ve had only one blizzard this year so far. And what a blizzard! You couldn’t see an inch ahead of you. We didn’t go to school that day. Quite a lot never went also. The van driver said that he started out the same time as every morning, but was at least an hour and half off the schedule.
: The thermometer is up to 30 degrees above right now. It’s quite a change after those cold days. People say that this coldness is
: the same as the year 1935. Usually, they say that it isn’t this cold every winter. How are the things at school? Are you very busy with your homework? We hardly get homework except S.S. & French almost every night. Every gym period we play basketball. Most of the girls take P.T. in their dresses and so do I. Rules over here aren’t so very strict. Teruko’s class went ice-skating for 3 periods one afternoon twice. We planned on going last Fri. but it snowed the day before so we couldn’t skate because the snow wasn’t scraped off yet.
: Gee, I wish you were over here or I over there, well it doesn’t make any difference as to where it is as long as were [sic] together.
: This writing pad is the first one I used on your letter which you gave me for Xmas. I haven’t used any envelopes yet.
: Mother just handed me out the bunch of lavenders which was in my Xmas present from you & she wants to know if you can get hold of any more of them. She just loves the scent of it & she’ll be very grateful if you can send anymore if you can get some more.
: Well I think I’ve said all I wanted to say. Best regards to you all – yours as ever,
: Sumi M.