I Know We'll Meet Again - Transcripts

Correspondence and the forced dispersal of Japanese Canadians

Teruko Ikeda

Raymond, AB on 1943

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: c/o L. Brandley
Letter 1
: Box 299,
: Raymond, Alta.,
: Feb 14.
: Dear Joan,
: I received your letter few weeks ago and was very glad to receive it. I am sorry for not writing any sooner but under certain circumstances I could not.
: Well Joan, hows the weather treating you? We’re having one of the coldest winter Alberta has had in yrs. Brr -- , it sure was cold walking almost a mile on the cold days but I managed to live through somehow. I’m sure it was cold in B.C. this yr. for a large number of schools had been closed.
: It was one of the coldest winter you had in yrs. wasn’t it? Will it effect [sic] you very much? Has Q.E. opened up yet?
: It certainly is news to hear that [Muriel???] left Q.E. Gee, I can’t imagine it. She wrote to me last in December and I haven’t heard from her since. If she happens to write to you would you give me her new address.
: Theres most of our group in Raymond but there are few families gone to Magrath, Sterling and Welling.
: I’ve seen Jackie, Johnny, Tan, Tashiko, Suzie etc a few times. I’m sure glad Sumi is with me.
: so you see I’m not so lonely as I thought I’d be when I first started school. We take most of the same subjects only Sumi takes French and I take Book Kg.
: Raymond won playing basketball, against Sterling a few weeks ago and on Fri-12, Raymond went to Magrath to play but they had lost the game.
: On Fri 12, they had the young peoples social at the Hungarian Hall and I’m sure everyone had a grand time. Gee! I wanted to go but I was sick so I couldn’t go. And Thurs. we had something down at the Buddhist church and I couldn’t go. Darn it, Everything has to go wrong at the wrong time.
: Yoshio N. came from Magrath to to the Social for the first time. I’m sure he had a swell time.
: Say have you heard from Emee. If you have could you give me her address.
: By the way hows your little friend of Sonny Ohama. Gee! we miss him but I guess you miss him just as much or even more. or is it Albert that you miss).
: Well, I better close for now. Give my best regards to the girls in your class. Write to me soon, won’t you. Good-bye.
: Sincerely yours
: Teruko Ikeda.
: May 10, 1943
Letter 2
: Dear Joan.
: Its almost a few decades ago I had received your letter and I am sorry I had not written to you any sooner. I know your anxious to hear some news of Raymond so I’ll start and get down to business, even though there isn’t much news to write.
: My, its a lovely time to start snowing again when the beets are almost ready to be thinned by some farmers. Its fairly cold to-day and the temperature has dropped considerably. It started to snow around five and everythings white but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see it all melted by to-morrow night.
: I hope you had a real good Easter holidays as for me I spent my Easter holidays going to school. I didn’t mind very much for I believed I learned something.
: Last week I forgot to take my excuse for being absent from school so the old Principal Jacobs gave me some detention to do. Boy, was I boiling. I could have knocked his block off, that is if he had one.
: On Friday the grade tens and some other grades were shown a moving picture about Spies. But you know every time there is something like that I’m never there to see it.
: Say, I heard Q.E. had cadets for girls. Are you taking cadets? I sure think its a good idea to have an organization for girls as well as for boys.
: R.H.S. has cadets only for boys but I’ve never seen them practising because they have it at night.
: From last week I started to go [???] a school girl at Mrs. Hudsons and I am staying there till I have to go into [???]. This family is very nice to me and I sure think a lot of them. Mrs. Hudson teaches at the Mammoth school out at the Ridge.
: News or no news, I like to announce the birth of [some little???] kittens which where [sic] born last week. They’re still blind but are getting fluffier and cuter each day. There been quite a few weddings this spring and I think theres going to be a [???] wedding on Sat.
: Its half past ten now and I still have to write a composition for to-morrow. It really was supposed to be handed in on Fri. but I wasn’t there so I have a chance till to-morrow. Thank Goodness. I guess you could picture me and Emee going to you for help every time we had any written work to hand in when I mention “Composition.”
: Well, I better close now. Good-bye and good-luck till I write again
: Your Friend
: Teruko Ikeda
: P.S. I would appreciate very much if you’d send me your snapshot. Maybe your wondering why I write on this paper instead of writing tablet but the truth is I’m too busy to buy one just now so I’ll have one by next time.